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Hello Friends!

My name is Kerstyn! I am the boudoir photographer, behind the camera who fell in love with empowering women so much that I gave up my acceptance into a doctorate program for chiropractic to become a full time boudoir photographer. I wanted to be a chiropractor to change lives and I fell in love along the way with changing my boudoir client's lives. I was giving them their power back and making them feel loved and accepted in a world that was telling them otherwise.

In a world where you are judged, no matter what you do, do what makes you happy. Go ahead, wear the crop top, wear the lingerie, or wear the turtleneck sweater if that's what makes you happy. Whatever you do, just make sure it is for YOU!

What is boudoir about?

Boudoir is not just about "sexy photos." Boudoir is about feeling good in your own skin just as it is. Boudoir is about self love and body acceptance. It is not about having the perfect body. It is about feeling beautiful just as you are because you are already perfect, queen! Just give me a chance to show you just how perfect you really are!

You are probably thinking... "I don't know how to pose myself"

Good news! You don't have to know how to pose yourself. I will pose you from head to toe so you do not have to worry about a thing! My clients always tell me how much they appreciate how I get into every pose first before having them do it.

Why choose ME?

After deciding to give up my doctorate degree to pursue boudoir full time, I now invest most of my income back into my education. I have traveled all across the US to learn from the best in the industry. That is not something every boudoir photographer can say. When choosing your photographer you want to make sure they are trained in their craft. I have been trained on how to highlight all of your favorite features, and also how to keep every client feeling safe and comfortable during their boudoir experience.




I did a boudoir shoot with Kerstyn and it was such a confidence boosting experience. Once you get over the jitters it becomes really fun! It really makes you appreciate your body being uniquely yours! Would love to do it again.

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Bare Bones Boudoir Magazine

Lavender Magazine

MAXI Magazine

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My work is done out of my studio in downtown Hudson, Wisconsin. I am about a 20 minute drive from the Minneapolis / St. Paul area in Minnesota because I am located directly off of I-94.